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FB0214A-E00581 : Looking through windows into the cloisters.FB0214A-E00583 : Looking through windows into the cloisters.FB0214A-E00583-2 : Looking through windows into the cloisters.FB0214A-E00602 : The altarFB0214A-E00630 : Carved angel bossFB0214A-E00632 : Christ on the crossFB0214A-E00653 : Leaded windowFB0214A-E00658 : The walls of the monasteryFB0214A-E00659 : The walls of the monasteryFB0214A-E00660 : The walls of the monasteryFB0214A-E00662 : The walls of the monasteryFB0214A-E00663 : The walls of the monasteryFB0214A-E00672 : CorridorFB0214A-E00675 : Stacked chairsFB0214A-E00678 : ChairsFB0214A-E00679 : An audience of one.FB0214A-E00682 : ChairsFB0214A-E00685 : Decaying wallsFB0214A-E00686 : Cloakroom hangers with ticketsFB0214A-E00686 : Cloakroom hangers with tickets