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[FE0113A-E00466] La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00471] Coastline and sea defences[FE0113A-E00474] A large gun on top of La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00475] A large gun on top of La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00477] Entrance to La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00480] Entrance to La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00481] Entrance to La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00484] La Torre Tostón[FE0113A-E00485] Coastline and sea defences[FE0113A-E00488] Coastline and sea defences[FE0113A-E00490] A boat on the shore[FE0113A-E00494] Abandoned shopping trolley[FE0113A-E00496] Abandoned shopping trolleyFE0113A-E00497[FE0113A-E00500] Abandoned shopping trolley[FE0113A-E00501] Abandoned shopping trolley[FE0113A-E00503-10] Costal Panorama[FE0113A-E00512] Looking out for the fishermen[FE0113A-E00513] Clean Ocean Project shop sign[FE0113A-E00518] Statue of two fishermen with a boat