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Feet up at the poolSALE 29 July 2010: Martin's Bank BuildingSALE Sale Date TBA: Office buildingSALE Sale Date TBA: Pyramid in the SnowSALE Sale Date TBA: Caramac & RyanSALE Sale Date TBA: Natalie-JadeSALE 25 Mar 2014: DafodilsSALE 13 April 2009: Bramall HallSALE Sale Date TBA: Red theatre curtainsSALE 17 Oct 2014: RestartSALE 30 DEC 2013: Young woman messily eats a cream doughnutSALE 24 Mar 2016: A determined business woman tears up a contractThe Oasis of PalmyraTemple of Baal ShaminSALE 17 Nov 2014: Exterior view of the National Archaeological Museum, Damascus, Syria.SALE 11 May 2016: Church of St PaulSALE 22 September 2008: A courtyard of a traditional Syrian family houseSALE 21 September 2008: Looking down on the church of Saint TaklaSALE 11 Apr 2014: Business man in suit sitting on office chair kissing a topless woman who is sitting on his lapSALE 17 Oct 2014: A woman in her underwear with a man in a business suit