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Don't Believe your EyesImogenPOTD Thu, 01 Mar 2013 : Imogen at Geek Chic, Geek Glamour night, posing as both puppet and puppeteerModel: Jessica JamesAny Umbrellas eventAny Umbrellas eventPOTD Thu, 20 Feb 2013 : Model Emethyst at Comprehensive Studio Photography Course - lit by split lightingWendy LouiseWendy LouiseWendy LouiseKamaraPOTD Thu, 12 Jan 2013 : Anna at Art Nude WorkshopPOTD Thu, 11 Jan 2013 : Kaylee Lea at Cheeky Glamour Night at Ian's StudoKaylee LeaLaura KLaura KAxa Jay - Spaghetti SetBex: Splash of GlamourVictoriaHazel at Multi-strobe Night