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Fri 20 Aug 10 - Sat 21 Aug 10

Pop on your ruby slippers, watch out for the wicked witch and remember to utter the immortal words...There’s no place like The Plaza this summer....!

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FC0819A-E09380 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09381 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09382 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09384 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09385 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09387 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09392 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09393 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09394 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09396 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09397 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09398 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09400 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09401 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09405 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09408 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09410 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09412 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09413 : Wizard of OzFC0819A-E09417 : Wizard of Oz