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Keywords:Africa, Aswan, Date, EV-F012, Egypt, Egyptian, Egyptology, Elephantine Island, FilmID, IMBImport, Ian M Butterfield, Licence, Location, Middle East, Nubia, Nubian, Photographer, Ptolemaic, Ptolemy, Ptolemy IX, Rights Managed, River Nile, Unknown, Upper Egypt, afternoon, ancient, archaeology, building, buildings, calm, day time, daytime, egyptian, geographic features, history, holiday, island, king, laid back, land, monarch, moods, old, orientation, peaceful, people, pharaoh, place of worship, places of worship, quiet, relaxation, relaxed, relaxing, religion, religious, restful, resting, river, rivers, ruin, ruins, sacred, serene, sightseeing, temple, temples, tourism, tranquil, travel, undisturbed, vacation, vertical, water

EV0327B-F01232 : Elephantine Island, as seen from the river Nile.