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FC1229A-E15253 : An abandoned buildingFC1229A-E15254 : An abandoned buildingFC1229A-E15255 : An abandoned buildingFC1229A-E15256 : An abandoned buildingFC1229A-E15257 : An abandoned buildingFC1229A-E15258 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15260 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15262 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15263 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15264 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15265 : Bco. del QuiguereFC1229A-E15266 : Walking along the cliff top dirt trackFC1229A-E15268 : The harbourFC1229A-E15269 : Boats moored in the harbourFC1229A-E15271 : Boats moored in the harbourFC1229A-E15272 : Boats moored in the harbourFC1229A-E15273 : Palm trees and blue skyFC1229A-E15274 : Palm trees and blue skyFC1229A-E15276 : At the harbourFC1229A-E15277 : At the harbour