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Created 7-Feb-12
Modified 7-Apr-24
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Images from a studio event where the concept was to shoot a Glamour Cliché and then to work as a team to come up with an alternative... non-clichéd image on the same theme.

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[FE0203A-E01329] Nude woman with rose petals[FE0203A-E01333] Nude woman with rose petals[FE0203A-E01333-2] Nude woman with rose petals[FE0203A-E01335] Nude woman with rose petalsPOTD Thu, 03 Feb 2012 : Nude woman lying on a bed covered in rose petals[FE0203A-E01340] Nude woman with rose petals[FE0203A-E01346] Nude with handbag[FE0203A-E01348] Nude with handbag[FE0203A-E01350] Nude with handbag[FE0203A-E01354] Nude with Nikon[FE0203A-E01354-2] Nude with Nikon[FE0203A-E01356] Nude with stripy socks[FE0203A-E01356-2] Nude with stripy socks[FE0203A-E01359] Nude with stripy socks[FE0203A-E01362] Nude with stripy socks[FE0203A-E01362-2] Nude with stripy socks[FE0203A-E01364] Ditch the cliché[FE0203A-E01365] Ditch the cliché[FE0203A-E01367] Nude with socks on her arms[FE0203A-E01368] Nude with socks on her arms