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The fallen statue of Ramses.Camels in the Desert.Abu Simbel, Lake Nasser, Egypt.FA1105A-E13019 : Fairground ride at Light in the Night Bonfire BlastFA1105B-E13146 : Firework Display - Light in the Night Bonfire BlastFA1115G-E14405 : Slice of chocolate cake balance on hip of a naked womanFB0105A-E00015 : Etherow in the SnowFB0105A-E00024 : Etherow in the SnowFB0114A-E00055_3_4v2 : B of the BangFB0202A-E00407 : St Thomas' Church, High Lane in the snowFB0202A-E00472 : Canal boats in the snowFB0214A-E00605_6_7-TMAP : HDR: The altarFB0214A-E00686 : Cloakroom hangers with ticketsFB0413A-E01277 : Bramall HallFB0413A-E01302 : Dafodils at Bramall HallFB0423B-E01873 : Death of a SalesmanFB0505A-E02066 : Mike Tongue and the GroovesFB0505A-E02079 : Mike Tongue and the GroovesFB0507D-E02557-Edit : Bad Hair DaysFB0509A-E02578 : In the forest